James travels all over the world, consulting and teaching, and his schedule stays booked most of the year. 

However, he does find time to enjoy his surroundings and the people who host him. This section will include travel photos and notes from people he spends time with, and their adventures together.


Dining with family of test manager, Meeta Prakash, in Bangalore, India (Nov 2012)

Teaching in India (Nov 2012)

A blog post by Sunil Kumar after meeting James in India, "Vivid Tester".

Dining with the family of expert test manager, Meeta Prakash, in Bangalore (at right, 26 Nov 2012)

London Tester Gathering (Nov 2012)

Can you test without testing? Watch this video from the London Tester Gathering at Skills Matter, where James gave an insightful talk about the essence of testing, includes the slideshow presentation.

RST in Helsinki (Oct 2012)

Three Days of Kobayashi Maru; A blog post by Aleksis Tulonen

Aleksis blogs about his experience in the RST class taught by James, although challenging, he was grateful for the journey. Read about what Aleksis learned about himself and his role as a Tester.


Rapid Software Testing at eBay-Switzerland (Sept 2012)

Ilari Henrik blogs about James' recent RST class at eBay International for the testing community. James is pictured here on a day trip to Jungfraujoch.





Preparing for RST Class in Dordrecht, Netherlands (April 2012)James Bach

At right, James having dinner with dutch Context-Driven testers Huib Schoots, Jean-Paul Varwijk, and Pascal Dufour, demonstrating "Gray Code" as a test design technique.

What they teach us in TMap and why it is wrong!
Blog post by Huib Schoots

Being Challenged by James M Bach
Blog post by Jean-Paul Verwijk


RST Class in Bucharest, Romania (March 2012)

James solving testing puzzles with RST students; Photo courtesy of Alex Rotaru



Swiss Testing Day in Zurich, Switzerland (March 2012)

James Bach

James Bach and how I enjoyed his visit to Switzerland

By Ilari Henrik Aegerter

At right, James checks out a Swiss Cheese shop in Engelberg, Switzerland with fellow Tester Ilari Henrik Aegerter. Courtesy of Ilari







Visit to Table Top Mountain, which overlooks the city of Cape Town, South Africa (Oct 2011)



Upcoming Events



August 24-26
Sydney, Australia
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing

August 27
Sydney, Australia
Invited Speaker: Sydney Tester Meet-up: "Notes from a Testing Coach"

September 06-10
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
On-Site Consulting

September 13-17
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
On-Site Consulting

September 21-23
Zurich, Switzerland
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by House of Test

September 28- October 01
Anaheim, California
Conference: StarWEST

September 28
StarWEST Conference, Anaheim, California
Tutorial: Rapid Software Testing: Strategy

September 29
StarWEST Conference, Anaheim, California
Tutorial: Rapid Software Testing: Reporting

September 30
StarWEST Conference, Anaheim, California
Test Techniques: The Testopsy: Dissect Your Testing, with James and Jon Bach, eBay, Inc.

October 05-07
The Bronx, New York City, New York
PUBLIC CLASS: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Doran Jones Inc.

October 05
New York, New York
NYC Testers MeetUP, Invited Speaker: "Is This Output Accurate?"

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