Rapid Software Testing Class with Paul Holland


A practical software testing experience with Paul Holland

When someone tosses you a program and says "you have one hour to test this" can you do it? Are you confident in your work? Can you explain what you did and why?

This unique 3-day course introduces you to Rapid Software Testing, the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions, such that your work stands up to scrutiny.

Join Paul as he teaches the skill of Rapid Software Testing on University of Ottawa's campus, Ontario, Canada.

When is it: April 1st-3rd, 2013 (Monday- Wednesday)

9:00am - 5:00pm EDT


Where is it:

Room 301
University Centre Building
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


What is it:


This unique 3-day course introduces you to Rapid Software Testing, the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions, such that your work stands up to scrutiny. Based on the ideas of James Bach, Jon Bach, Michael Bolton, and Cem Kaner, with substantial contributions by other members of the Context-Driven School of software testing, this is the closest thing in the business to a martial art of software testing. Because we emphasize exercises, it is challenging for experienced testers, but works for new testers, too. This course provides hands-on demonstrations and drills as well as portable heuristics that help you create tests quickly.

You will learn:

Concise, universal heuristics and models for instant test design

How to tackle any product or product idea instantly

How to analyze a test heuristic or practice

How to test despite ambiguous or missing specifications

How to deal with overwhelming complexity or confusion

How to know when to stop or suspend the test process

How to prepare and deliver an impromptu test report


What should we expect:

Rapid testing is a complete methodology designed for a world of barely sufficient resources, information, and time. It's an approach to testing that begins with developing personal skills and extends to the ultimate mission of software testing: lighting the way of the project by evaluating the product. The approach is consistent with and a follow-on to many of the concepts and principles introduced in the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing: a Context-Driven Approach by Kaner, Bach, and Pettichord.

The rapid approach isn't just testing with a speed or sense of urgency; it's mission-focused testing that eliminates unnecessary work, assures that everything necessary gets done, and constantly asks what testing can do to help speed the project as a whole.

One important tool of rapid testing is the discipline of exploratory testing—essentially a testing martial art. Exploratory testing combines test design, test execution, test result interpretation, and learning into a simultaneous, seamless process that finds a lot of problems quickly.

Rapid Software Testing is a three-day, hands-on class, in which you spend much of the time actually testing, working on exercises, puzzles, thought experiments, and scenarios—some computer-based, some not. The goal of the course is to teach you how to test anything expertly, under extreme time pressure and conditions of uncertainty, in a way that will stand up to scrutiny.

The philosophy presented in this class is not like traditional approaches to testing, which ignore the thinking part of testing and instead focus on narrow definitions for testing terms while advocating never-ending paperwork. Products have become too complex for that, time is too short, and testers are too expensive. Rapid testing uses a cyclic approach and heuristic methods to constantly re-optimize testing to fit the needs of your clients.

If you are an experienced tester, you'll find out how to articulate those intellectual processes of testing that you already practice intuitively. If you're a new tester, hands-on testing exercises will help you gain critical experience.


Who is ideal student:

The ideal student is anyone who feels driven to be an excellent software tester or software test manager.

The class is useful to all levels of tester, but seems to be most appreciated by experienced testers who want to become expert testers. The class works well when strong-minded and skeptical students attend the class. They challenge the instructor and make the class better, just like testers should. We try to make the class the most stimulating intellectual experience you can handle.

Another ideal student is the tester whose job is to check the work done by offshore outsourcing firms. You don't have time to do a full-blown test project. So, learn how to make a brief test project work.

Here are the slides and notes for the class. These do not include the exercises, though, which are really the heart of the class.



What does  registration include? Dynamic -3- Day Course
Coffee/Tea Service
Daily Continental Breakfast at 8:30am
Daily Lunch Meal
Daily Afternoon snack

How much is it:

Early Bird Registration
February 16th, 2013 - Mar 2, 2013


Regular Registration

March 3rd - March 29th, 2013



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Some of the participants registered for this Rapid Software Testing Class are below:

Name Company Country
Anne-France Gobeil   Quebec, Canada
Fernando Gonzalez Corel Ottawa, Canada
Eric Surprenant   Ottawa, Canada
Jean Demers Rheinmetall Canada Inc. Quebec, Canada
Benoit Adam Rheinmetall Canada Inc. Quebec, Canada


Questions? Email: Paul Holland



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