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Anything that threatens the value of the product. Something that bugs someone whose opinion matters.

Exploratory Testing:

An interactive process of simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution.

Heuristic Testing:

An approach to test design that employs heuristics to enable rapid development of test cases.

Risk-Based Testing:

Any testing organized to explore specific product risks.


To obtain an outcome that is good enough. Coined in 1957 by economist and Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon.

Test Design:

The process of creating tests.

Test Execution:

The process of configuring, operating, and observing a product for the purpose of evaluating it.

Test Logistics:

The set of ideas that guide how resources are applied to fulfill the test strategy.

Test Strategy:

The set of ideas that guide test design.



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December 05
New Delhi, India
Invited Speaker: 1-day Test Conference, organized by QAZone

December 07-09
New Delhi, India
PUBLIC CLASS: Rapid Software Testing, organized by QAZone

December 14-16
Versailles, France
Corporate Training: Rapid Software Testing

December 21-23
Oxfordshire, England
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing




January 27-29
Broadcasting from Orcas Island, Washington, USA
On-Line Class: Rapid Software Testing Applied, with James Bach

February 04
New York City, New York
Invited Speaker: Corporate QA Expo

February 09-11
Seattle, Washington
Corporate Training: Rapid Software Testing

March 02-04
Utrecht, Netherlands
PUBLIC Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Improve Quality Services BV

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