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Recommended Books

These books are useful sources if you want to learn more about the underpinnings of the rapid approach to software testing. Each book on this list held some key insight that helped me make sense of how excellent testers do their work. -- James Bach

Lessons Learned in Software Testing book coverLessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach

Cem Kaner
James Bach
Bret Pettichord

This book is a radical departure from conventional wisdom found in software testing textbooks. Presented in a couple hundred bite-sized lessons, we offer our best ideas and advice for the working software tester. We puncture unhelpful myths about test documentation and automation, introduce a classification system for test techniques, and cover at least four subjects rarely discussed in testing textbooks: thinking like a tester, bug advocacy, interacting with programmers, and test design strategy.

This book also presents the principles of the Context-Driven school of methodology, a community of thinkers and writers who have, since 1997, been advocating a new direction of methodology thinking in the software industry. We focus more on people and their skills, and less what we see as peripheral issues, such as process documentation.

Amplifying Your EffectivenessAmplifying Your Effectiveness

Gerald M. Weinberg
James Bach
Naomi Karten

I am also the co-author and editor of Amplifying Your Effectiveness, a book of essays from successful software consultants about project management and personal empowerment.

Systems Thinking

Quality Software Management, Vol. 1: Systems Thinking

1991, Gerald M. Weinberg

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking

1975, Gerald M. Weinberg

Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully

1986, Gerald M. Weinberg

General Principles of Systems Design

1988, Gerald M. Weinberg, Daniela Weinberg


Tools of Critical Thinking

David A.Levy, 1997

Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design

1989, Don Gause, Gerald M. Weinberg

How to Solve It

1945, George Polya

How to Read and Do Proofs

1990, Daniel Solow

Ways People Think and Learn

Cognition in the Wild

1996, Edwin Hutchins

Thinking and Deciding

1994, Jonathan Baron

Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step

1990, Ed De Bono

The Social Life of Information

2000, John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid

Things That Make Us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine

1993, Donald Norman

Scientific Thinking

The Sciences of the Artificial, 3rd Ed.

1996, Herbert A. Simon

Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge

1992, Karl Popper

Theory and Evidence: The Development of Scientific Reasoning

1996, Barbara Koslowski

Abductive Inference: Computation, Philosophy, Technology

1996, John R. Josephson, Susan G. Josephson

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

1999, Richard Feynman

Science as a Questioning Process

1996, Nigel Sanitt

Administrative Behavior, 4th ed.

1997, Herbert Simon

Software Testing

Testing Computer Software

1992, Cem Kaner, Hung Quoc Nguyen, Jack Falk

Software Testing: A Craftman's Approach

1995, Paul C. Jorgensen

Bad Software: What to Do When Software Fails

1999, Cem Kaner, David Pels

Example of an Implicit Specification

The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design

1995, Microsoft

Teamwork and Communication in a Technical Team

Quality Software Management, Vol. 3: Congruent Action

1994, Gerald M. Weinberg



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